Design Trust Seed Grant

Derivas por China

Derivas takes us to the corner and inner worlds of cities that are seemingly already known, ignored or brushed past. It takes us to explore the other face of cities that lies underneath the marketing and the touristic attractions. Through Derivas we look to see the real reflectors of a region’s identity and locality.

As a multidisciplinary group that covers the fields of design, architecture, urbanism, psychology and history, we will collaborate with our local peers in the Pearl River Delta region during Derivas. This exchange between cities will allow people from Latin America to learn from and contribute to understandings of the city in China, and therefore be a part of its transformation.

Conceptualising the city in an open and potentially radically different way enables innovative and creative approaches to urban reform and how to use design to positively impact the way we function as a community. Derivas aims to collectively re-imagine the way we encourage and create grassroots creative growth in order to provide communities an alternative to the overwhelmingly homogenous way cities are tending to develop today.

This will be captured in a book and will be a testament to this process as well as contributing to what will form a wider collection platforming cities, their lives, and design in different corners of the world. Derivas will act as a guide to Hong Kong and Guangzhou for locals and visitors alike.

About dérive LAB

dérive LAB is a multidisciplinary laboratory based in Mexico that seeks to explore, understand and inspire other (new) ways of living and thinking about life in the City. Through research, design and action, they develop projects of art, architecture, urban design and other disciplines that impact on three specific scales: public life, the built environment and everyday objects. This project is led by Ximena Ocampo Aguilar, co-founder of dérive LAB.