System backups
We perform daily system backups. These system backups are kept on our backup servers for seven days. You can restore data from the backups through the Restore Manager section of the Control Panel. Please check the following article for more information:

You can access your online Control Panel at http://your_domain.com/cp/

In case your domain name registration has expired or you have not pointed the domain to our hosting service, you can access the online Control Panel by server name. Please check your Welcome email for the relevant URL or contact our support team at http://suresupport.com

Document roots
The DocumentRoot is the physical folder on the server, which content is displayed when a visitor accesses your website (or a subdomain on your site).

You can change the DocumentRoot of your website and/or any of your subdomains at your online Control Panel -> Document Roots. There you will see a list of your subdomains, including your main site.