Design Trust Futures Studio Public Ideas Review

8. 7. 2017

Presented as the Storefront International Series Hong Kong Definition and Manifesto Series, Design Trust Futures Studio Public Ideas Review took place on Saturday 8 July 2017 at Spring Workshop.

The Designer Mentee Teams presented to the group of guest critics and the public their conceptual schemes for micro parks for Hong Kong. Hong Kong-based Mentor Stanley Wong’s team of Sylvia Chan, Vivian Ng and Samuel Wong presented their idea of a micro park serving as a space to reconnect with the environment. Hong Kong-based Mentor Gary Chang’s team of Zoey Chan, DickWai Lai and Jose Fu presented their idea of adapting railings to create pop-up micro parks for the city. International Mentor Sam Jacob’s team of Ricky Lai, Xavier Tsang and Wendy Wu presented their idea of a delivery micro park that can be ordered using an app. Finally, International Mentor Mimi Hoang’s team of Stephen Ip, Ffion Zhang and Cesar Harada presented their idea of creating a micro park in a skip as a way of occupying the street.

The presentations were followed by in depth discussion and feedback from the guest critics, combining local and international voices, including James Acuna, Ethel Baraona, James Chambers, Donald Choi, Patrick Hwang, Tat Lam, William Lane, Lesley Lau, Carlos Mínguez Carrasco, Duncan Pescod, Suhanya Raffel, Cole Roskam, Eric Schuldenfrei, Ada Wong, Sara Wong and Eric Yim.

Thank you Spring Workshop for hosting us, and to all of the public who attended and joined the conversation!