Design Trust Futures Studio Highlights

28. 12. 2017


Design Trust Futures Studio Mobile Park. Photo courtesy of Design Trust Futures Studio Sam Jacob and Team (Wendy Wu, Ricky Lai and Xavier Tsang)


The Design Trust Futures Studio Exhibition concluded the ten-month journey of our first DTFS programme where our designer-mentees worked alongside world-renowned mentors and advisors on the theme “SMALL IS MEANINGFUL”, creating a series of intriguing research output and innovative concepts on micro-parks for Hong Kong.

Situated at Yat Fu Lane from 15th to 31st October 2017, the exhibition showcased the different stages of the design process with a display of textual, visual, and video-graphic materials as well as physical prototypes of the four micro-parks. While Part(k) of the City explored the possibilities of creating micro parks through railing interventions; Skip-Park transformed a construction skip into a mobile micro-park; MobilePark as a park “delivery system” allowed communities and individuals to order personalised park experiences on demand; and Ting Yat Ting was envisioned as more than just a public resting space but provided a semi-enclosed pavilion that invited users to engage with the city in fundamentally new ways.

A documentary video and a programme booklet were also unveiled at the exhibition (now available to read online here: DTFS Programme Portfolio. Finally, a series of interactive sharing sessions and workshops were held with the general public, where the mentees became mentors and demonstrated how good designs can engage and inspire future talents.

Lead Curator: Marisa Yiu

Mentors: Gary Chang, Stanley Wong, Elizabeth Diller, Mimi Hoang, Sam Jacob

Collaborators/Advisors: Eva Franch, Carlos Mínguez Carrasco, Ada Wong, Mimi Brown, Elita Lam, Ethel Baraona Pohl, Francis Ngai, James JJ Acuna, Lesley Lau, Ricky Yu, Sara Wong, William Lane

Designer-Mentees: Ffion Zhang, Samuel Wong, Stephen Ip, Wendy Wu, Zoey Chan, DickWai Lai, Ricky Lai, Vivian Ng, Xavier Tsang, Cesar Jung-Harada, Jose Fu, Sylvia Chan.

The programme was made possible by CreateHK as our major sponsor, Storefront for Art and Architecture as an international event collaborator, Spring Workshop as our workshop venue partner, District 15 and Yat Fu Lane as our exhibition venue partner and TUVE Hotel as our hotel partner.