Design Trust Futures Studio Concept Review Workshop in collaboration with The Park Lab

27. 6. 2017

On 27th June 2017, Design Trust Futures Studio held a concept review workshop in collaboration with The Park Lab, an initiative of Jockey Club Make A Difference Social Lab.

The Design Trust Futures Studio’s Designer Mentees and Mentors shared their research findings and initial responses to the theme of micro-parks. The Park Lab Teams then presented the four conceptual schemes they have developed for the Lai Chi Kok Park, an area which they have been studying.

The presentations were followed by a collaborative discussion and feedback session with participants from Design Trust Futures Studio and The Park Lab. One representative form the Park Lab noted the importance of developing the park as a platform for community building. Design Trust Futures Studio Hong Kong-based Mentor Stanley Wong placed emphasis on the needs of the end-users, positing that improving life is a critical importance when improving design. The other Mentor, Gary Chang, talked about how the final design should be flexible. The activities in the eventual park might not be always the same as designed and planned.