Design Trust Futures Studio 2019: Public Tours for the Community

13. 9. 2019

Design Trust Futures Studio 2019: Public Tours for the Community
Date: 2019.09.13/15/18/22/27/28/29
Venue: Haw Par Mansion

Design Trust Futures Studio 'Heritage is Innovation' public exhibition at Haw Par Mansion, has welcomed many visitors of all ages to enjoy the experience of viewing the innovative creative works by our designer mentees, In collaboration with their mentors and advisors.

Our guided tours, weave stories of the designer works, with the observation of the eclectic Chinese and architectural styles and fascinating history of this 1936 buliding with the cultural influence of Britain, China, India and Burma. Architecturally, the Mansion is of Chinese Eclectic style - mixed Chinese and Western style mansion of the 1920s to 1930s period. The site specific creative works from the garden, Main Hall, to the former dining room and bedrooms, and up to the rooftop frame the view of Tai Hang and Hong Kong Harbour with "Terra Mobile" and other fascinating works on the roof level.

Additional public tours planned for the weekend on September 28th and 29th alongside some special tours during the week before the show ended on September 30th 2019. A public tour on September 28th 12noon were conducted by Marisa Yiu the Lead Curator of this exhibition along with designers from this year’s programme.