Design Dialogue: Rethinking Archives, Designers with a conscience

10. 12. 2019

On Tuesday 10th December 2019, our recent Design Trust Design Dialogue brought together Stanley Wong (Founder/ Creative Director, 84000 communications limited; DTFS 2018 Mentor), Michelle Chu (Design Director, Asia Tai Ping; DTFS 2019 Programme Collaborator), and moderator Marisa Yiu (Co-founder/ Executive Director, Design Trust) to discuss on the theme ‘Rethinking Archives, Designers with a conscience’, highlighting the role of design and its responsibility in preserving the past and supporting an even more creative future. The evening ended with a thought-provoking discussion with the Design Trust and Soho House community to explore the intrinsic values of design and the importance of designing under a historical and contemporary context. Thank you Soho House Hong Kong for the partnership and support.