Brunch Dialogue with Design Trust Advisors

10. 5. 2016

On Tuesday 10th May 2016, Design Trust held a Brunch Dialogue at PMQ, moderated by Marisa Yiu, Co-founder / Executive Director, Design Trust. The session opened with a presentation by V&A Museum curators, Brendan Cormier and Luisa Mengoni about their recent project, Unidentified Acts of Design, for the UABB 2015. The presentations were followed with a dialogue and sharing with advisors.

Discussion focused on design innovations occurring Shenzhen. Participants were keen to explore the role of the traditional institution in supporting these developments. Marisa Yiu questioned advisors about how Design Trust, and similar institutions, could create alternative organizational structures that could build a stronger cultural ecosystem and support the quick production ecosystem in Shenzhen.

The brunch dialogue ended with a discussion on the importance of building relationships and supporting design innovation in the Pearl River Delta.