Beijing Design Week 2016 Panel Discussion with Prof. Wang Min, Ole Bouman and others

29. 9. 2016

Design Trust is pleased to announce that it will be participating in the Baitasi Remade program at Beijing Design Week 2016, on a panel discussion titled “Envisioning New Institutions: Connecting HK, SZ, PRD and China”.

The discussion will be looking at the dynamics of organisations that are shaping the design and architecture culture in China.  These alternative models such as Design Society based in Shenzhen, or a non-for-profit like Design Trust — which is a funding platform initiated by the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design — serve as connecters in the Pearl River delta with other parts of the region and other international organizations. Ole Bouman, the Director of Design Society based in Shenzhen; Marisa Yiu, co-founder and Executive Director of Design Trust based in Hong Kong will share on their current and future projects, along with design and research scholars Professor Wang Min and Fan Ling – who will touch upon the individual's impact in this ecosystem to bridge academia and practice new forms of design advocacy and critical practice. This session will be moderated by Beatrice Leanza, Creative Director of Baitasi Remade Beijing Design Week 2016.


3pm, Thursday, 29 September @ THE GLOBAL SCHOOL/Marketplace,52 Gongmenkou Dongcha


Marisa Yiu, Co-founder, Executive Director, Design Trust

Ole Bouman, Director, Design Society

Ling Fan, M+ / Design Trust Research Fellow 2015

Min Wang, Professor, Vice Chair of Academic Committee at China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA)

Moderator: Beatrice Leanza, Creative Director of Baitasi Remade Beijing Design Week 2016

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Check out some of our images from the panel discussion below.