Liza Chong

3. 5. 2024

Liza is CEO and General Partner of Design Impact Funds, micro-VC impact funds in Denmark that invests in high-impact companies with solutions to improve quality of life. The fund co-invests globally across stages and sectors, focusing on transformative solutions for the benefit of people and our planet. Previously, Liza served as the CEO of The Index Project, a renowned global non-profit organisation advocating for sustainable design and innovation. Over 14 years, she harnessed design-based techniques to create social and environmental impact in the Nordics, Asia, Latin America, and the US. Liza now focuses on connecting capital with ground-breaking designers, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. She actively mentors leaders in both for-profit and non-profit sectors, empowering thought leaders striving for positive change through socially and environmentally-focused businesses. Liza sits on a range of advisory boards, including the AD Museum's Advisory Board in Helsinki and Orano SA's Executive Stakeholder Committee in France, guiding strategies and visions in leadership and sustainable business.

As a frequent speaker, panelist, and educator, Liza inspires a new generation of transdisciplinary talent committed to making purposeful contributions to society, from principles to practice.