Clara Brito

28. 11. 2021

Creative Director of Tomorrow's Heritage and Lines Lab


Clara Brito, Creative Director of Tomorrow's Heritage and Lines Lab, is a Portuguese designer and event curator living in China for over 17 years. She holds a Graduate Degree in Equipment Design (Lisbon Faculty of Fine Arts), further studies in Fashion Design (Milan Polytechnic of Architecture and Design) and holds an MBA (Macau USJ University). She also worked as a visiting professor at USJ University. In 2021, Clara founded the project "Tomorrow's Heritage" to bring people and communities together to create intercultural objects. And in 2014 co-founded MunHub, a platform designed to cross-promote emerging designers from fashion and design. In 2007, co-founded "+853 Cultural Association" and the yearly event "This Is My City". A multicultural festival showcasing local and international talent in Macau, China and internationally. In 2004 Clara co-founded Lines Lab.