2015 - 2016

Design Trust Feature Grant

UN/FOLD 2.0 Weaving Time Travel

Fabrick Lab Limited

“UN/FOLD 2.0” initially started in 2013 as a heritage craft research initiative fusing traditional craft with modern technologies. Learning from village craftsmanship so that modern cultures can find new ways to treasure traditional Guizhou society. Looking at how the same textile construction technique has been developed within different spatial environments; comparing how the different habitats of both urban and rural life have influenced and impacted the traditional skill of weave, the project aims to educate these contrasting communities so that urbanites can learn from traditional techniques, and rural villagers can improve efficiency through technological influences. Intertwining these two diverging stories of how weave has developed, marrying the old and the new. The project expansion hopes to improve manufacturing scales through creating a transferrable ecosystem and archive Guizhou heritage.