M+ / Design Trust Research Fellowship

Hong Kong Architecture in the Videogame Vernacular

M+, West Kowloon Cultural District, Design Trust

2018 M+ / Design Trust Research Fellow Hugh Davies, an interdisciplinary artist, educator and investigator, will examine Hong Kong’s character, architecture and urban design as represented in videogames. Surveying Hong Kong’s representation in a multiplicity of videogame experiences over the past thirty years, Hugh Davies will explore the city in its varying incarnations, unearthing the correspondences between the actual and the virtual, and consider it through different overlapping areas of design disciplines.

The M+ / Design Trust Research Fellowship programme consists of two separate fellowships investigating issues related to architecture and design. One supports research projects focused on Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area in an Asian or global context, and the second supports research projects related to Asia more broadly, closely in line with the curatorial position of M+, the Hong Kong museum dedicated to visual culture of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Past fellows include: Ling Fan (2015); Joseph Grima (2016); the team of Daniel Cooper and Juliana Kei (2016) and Thomas Daniell (2017).

About the Partnering Institution:

Hugh Davies is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and investigator. His research explores technology histories, screen practices, and expansive games. Hugh has held numerous leadership roles in the Australian arts/technology sector including senior lecturer in Media at La Trobe University, board chair of the Australian Network for Art and Technology, and board chair of the Freeplay Independent Games Festival. He is currently an Asialink resident at Tokyo Wondersite, researching games and play in Japanese art and society. Hugh was awarded a PhD from Monash University in 2014 and he publishes and speaks on digital culture, contemporary art, and mixed reality games.