Our work is only possible with the great support of our community, trustees, advisors, patrons, funding partners, and the designers, mentees and grantees who work tirelessly to produce new knowledge for the energetic and vibrant city of Hong Kong and our region. We would like to acknowledge the generous individuals, organisations and partners who have contributed to the growth of the Design Trust initiative since its conception.

Design Trust Future Studio

Design Trust Futures Studio is a flagship programme of the DESIGN TRUST, that makes visible the processes and positive role of design in the culture of contemporary design and production. The programme stems from a project-studio concept that promotes life-long collaborations through a mentor-mentee programme and workshop collaboration model. As a cross-disciplinary initiative created and conceptualised by Marisa Yiu, Co-founder and Executive Director of Design Trust, experts from different fields will contribute to the teams in the exploration of materials, production, and to put forth the positive value of design of public spaces, public/private assets and/or critical issues in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and its relationship globally. Each year’s programme is generously supported by individuals, corporates, organisations and public bodies who share our passion to make the role of the design process, visible in the creation of our cities, while transforming the ways in which designers participate, individually and collectively, in the production of urban space.