Design Trust Seed Grant

Walk DVRC – A Model for Transforming Busy, Built-up Compact Cities

Walk DVRC is an initiative that aims to stimulate people’s imagination of a people- and tram-centric, shared road space on Des Voeux Road Central (DVRC), the Central Business District (CBD) of Hong Kong. A walkable DVRC can serve as a core project for an improved, better-planned and more pleasant urban environment in the historical CBD. By retrofitting DVRC and turning it into a shared space, it opens up endless possibilities for people to use this public space creatively to support different activities at different times of the day.

Walk DVRC believes that place-making and spatial design practices should go beyond designers and professionals. Walk DVRC Ltd and DVRC Friends hope that people from different walks of life can come together to express, exchange and realise their imaginations and expectations of a desirable street space to make it a more engaging, pleasant and inclusive city. The team hope this will create a new “City Smarts” architecture and planning model for Hong Kong and allow us to share our experience with other cities facing similar challenges.

Walk DVRC Ltd. is an NGO founded in 2017 that promotes and educates on the issue of walkability in terms of holistic urban planning and design in Hong Kong. This is the first collaboration between Walk DVRC Ltd and DVRC Friends, a group formed in 2015 by passionate volunteers from diverse professional backgrounds, including urban planning, landscape architecture and social media management, to bring together the design community and the general public to better understand the rapid needs of the future of cities to promote a pedestrian and tram friendly DVRC. The team consists of Karen Lee, Mandy Wong, Kate Lau, Olive Wong and Kit Chan.