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Urban Resilience by Design

The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Architecture and UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design initiate a multiyear research collaboration focused on comparative analysis and design of sites in the Pearl River Delta and San Francisco Bay Area, with the aim to establish both regions as leaders in sustainability and sustainable development. This collaboration is driven by design studios and research seminars at both institutions covering urban and landscape environmental modelling, development advocacy, and infrastructure planning and design themed around coastal vulnerability and water security, sustainable energy and sustainable transport, and urban landscape resilience.

About The Urban Resilience by Design 

The Urban Resilience by Design team is comprised of academics from the University of Hong Kong with cross-disciplinary expertise in urban and environmental modelling, planning and design, urban history, economic geography, urban sustainability, and sustainable development. Core team members include Mr. Ashley Scott Kelly, Dr. Eric Schuldenfrei, Mr. Ivan Valin, Dr. Cecilia Chu, Mr. Michael Kokora, and Prof. Chris Webster. Collectively, the team pursues a wide range of mainstream and critical research, practice and knowledge exchange. For Hong Kong, this exchange has included exhibitions on infrastructure, public space, and climate change in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, design proposals and outreach for increasing walkability and public space equity, and roundtables and workshops on Hong Kong’s land development, heritage conservation, and urban regeneration.