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Stocklist, by Inven_tory, posits to re-examine the collection, archival and transactual relationships between our notion of home, the context of Hong Kong and objecthood. We wish to reveal the liminal space between the physical object itself (foreground), but also the context (background) where it persists. Our research will range from reaching out to local community, revealing new methodologies of archival processes, or new ways of positioning objects of collective memory through business ventures. We will use the medium of documentary and formulating analytical texts to cross-examine these examples to reveal new ways of objects as a tool to gather communities, reinstate collective memories and to engage our transitory environment.

About Inven_tory

Inven_tory is a research collective of 1 architect and 1 urban researcher exploring the notion of the collection, archival and transactional practices within the context of Hong Kong and South East Asia at large. Our work examines the constant negotiation between the sociological context and the stacks and flows of objecthood in our consumer controlled society. We believe in the thematic inquiry of new narratives emerging from trans-disciplinary conversations exploring facets of identity, community and engaging with alternative practices.

The duo both hold a Master and Bachelor of Architecture from HKU. Accidentally colliding in the midst of their semester in Shanghai, Clarissa and Vanessa have since worked together for over 8 years.

About Clarissa Lim

Clarissa is currently a scholar funded by British Council and Yayasan Sime Darby leading a research on Creative Hubs in Malaysia. She is the degree holder of the Master of Architecture from The University of Hong Kong and have participated in exchange programmes to The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, University of Bicocca in Milan, and Shanghai during her studies.

Born in Malaysia and migrated to Hong Kong, her research permeates the study of migrational communities, informal urban conditions and constantly questioning the spatial negotiations of the home. Her previous work with UEDL not only involves academic research, but also workshops and installations design; the outputs were exhibited at VeryHK, Stanley Community Centre and Youth Square, revealing stories of the water communities. Her recent personal research supported by the P&T Travelling Scholarship on Chinese communities in Malaysia was concluded in a published text titled “Re-” echoing ideas of the constantly reinvented identity of the city, Georgetown”.

About Vanessa Ma

Vanessa Ma is currently a practising and licensed Architect with 2 years post-professional degree experience on large scale commercial architecture. She holds degrees of Master and Bachelor of Architecture from The University of Hong Kong.

Her research interest lies on the role of architecture to pass on histories and traditions in the current modern framework. Her master thesis focused on the symbolic meaning of railway station architecture and how these infrastructure is shaping the large scale mobility patterns. Her thesis proposed how architecture and infrastructure can be the mediation channel between the powerful and the powerless.

She has also been a freelance photographer for 4 years since university on events, food, architecture and portrait photography. She is particularly fascinated by the documentary nature of photography, being a medium to record the moments.