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Shenzhen Ready Made Design to World

Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab and Kumasi Hive

The “Shenzhen Ready Made Design to World” is a joint training program between Vicky and Kumasi Hive to produce documentation and a set of training courses on how female entrepreneurs in Kumasi, Ghana can leverage the Shenzhen Ready Made Design ecosystem as well as the latest technologies in AI to realize their projects and bring prosperity to their community. Within this training program, courses on e-commerce and social media marketing are delivered by local experts, hence providing the seed of entrepreneurship for the neighborhood. Throughout the project, we will document the data collected and personal experiences of the participants to design the toolkit. The toolkit captures the creation and production of new products with open-source parts and the use of innovative branding within e-commerce. We will work with partners in Ghana to deploy and iterate the toolkit in real-life projects.

About Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab and Kumasi Hive

Vicky Xie, as the director of International Collaboration at Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab. Throughout her carrer years, she played a key role to build up the first Fablab Makerspace in Shenzhen and facilitates the collaboration between the international maker community and the Pearl River Delta where she made her acquaintance with Sandra from Kumasi Hive.

Kumasi Hive is a Tech Innovation Hub for rapid prototyping of ideas, budding local innovations, impact start-up support & promoting youth entrepreneurship as a way of addressing critical social economic and developmental challenges.

As a social Innovation hub, Kumasi Hive exists to train in Digital Skills, support entrepreneurs and innovators of all types, and particularly to encourage social impact businesses and the development of innovative physical products and processing methods. These beneficiaries have developed very impactful solutions that has solved for persisting challenges in society. 

About Vicky Xie and Sandra Juliet Ahiataku

Vicky Xie, Shenzhen-native, is the Director of Global Collaboration at Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab (SZOIL). Before, she majored in English and started off her career in the international department of Shenzhen Industrial Design Association. In the past few years, she played a key role to build up the first Fablab Makerspace in Shenzhen. Vicky Xie was part of the FAB11 delegation in Boston and later helped to bring the gathering of worldwide experts to Shenzhen. Fascinated by hands-on maker skills herself, she graduated from the Fab Academy and learned to design, prototype and fabricate her hardware ideas. At SZOIL she facilitates the collaboration between the international maker community and the Pearl River Delta.

Miss Sandra Juliet Ahiataku from Ghana , Sub Sharan Africa with degree in Computer Science from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana. Sandra is a programmer, front end developer and works as the Operations Associate / Bridge the Gap Lead for Kumasi Hive an Innovation and Technological Hub in Ghana.

Her role focuses on “Bridging the Digital Gender Divide for Future Jobs in Africa”. By this, she has played  the lead role  on a number of projects that encourages Female Entrepreneurs, Makers and solutions built by women leveraging on Technology.

Her impact has equipped  about Eight Hundred Females (800) in Digital skills Training such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Graphic Design, Augmented Reality and  Digital Fabrication. Sixty (60) of Start-ups formed through this initiative are performing well in  and outside of Africa.