Design Trust Seed Grant

Material World: A Serious Game for Surviving Materialism

Material World (MW) is a 2-4 persons strategic card game that promotes Lagom Lifestyle through Serious Gaming and interactions. By speculating an apocalypse of future man-kind, our goals are to raise public awareness on how materialistic lifestyle is affecting our social, economic, environmental, and psychological well-being; more importantly, to motivate people to live a life of Lagom. Applying Game Theory to the design of MW’s core mechanics, we map in-game rational behaviors with 3 concepts: Detachment from possession, Appreciation of emptiness, and Respect to inanimate objects (Animism). Winning the game as an intrinsic incentive, players are motivated to play with a “Lagom” style and to explore how The 3 Concepts can provide them advantages over in-game equilibriums. Serious Gaming is known to be effective in delivering educational contents, mainly because of its universal appeal to marginal demographics and its ability on capturing prolonged attentions.

About Cyril Lee

Cyril Lee is an industrial designer and co-founder of Blackbody Lab, a Hong Kong based design studio with a vision to bring productive changes to society through design. Inspired by the physics concept, Lee believes good design should behave just like a “black body”, which absorbs and caters variaties in people; neutralizes negative environmental and social impacts; and more importantly, radiates positive influences back to our every day livings. With an educational background in both engineering and design, Lee had worked in the past as a design researcher at HKDI DESIS Lab and an industrial designer at Lagranja Design, a Barcelona based design studio. Some of Lee’s works were exhibited internationally and won multiple design awards, including Universal Design Competition Expert Award (Germany), National Design Dashi Award (China), and he is also an recipient of the Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award 2015.