Design Trust Seed Grant


Hetero-HK creatively researches and reuses ‘weak’ urban voids to reinterpret Hong Kong’s contemporary conditions – heterogeneity, disappearance and permanent transition. Together with exhibition, talks and workshops, the project hopes to inaugurate new spatial narratives for performative interpretations on Hong Kong’s heterotopic voids. Hetero-HK is a three-way collaboration between CUHK School of Architecture, acclaimed local writer Lawrence Pun and Ronin Theatre. A main part of the HK-SZ Bi-City Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture 2017, this pioneering cross-disciplinary project is co-hosted by Oil Street Artspace and the Hong Kong Architecture Centre.

Thomas Chung is Associate Professor at the School of Architec­ture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Chung is active in curating and exhibiting at the HK-SZ Bi-City Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture (UABB) in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Lawrence Pun teaches creative writing, cultural studies and Hong Kong Literature at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has authored fictional works and a number of books in Hong Kong, Taipei and Mainland China. Alex Tam is the founding Artistic Director of Theatre Ronin, guest lecturer of The Education University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. Siu Man is undertaking the MPhil in Architecture and Urban De­sign (MAUD) in the University of Cambridge. ‘Hetero-HK’ is a manifesto in action for her current thesis research ‘Strength in Weak­ness: Choreographing Hong Kong Voids’.