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Future Fashion Lab – Redefining the Future of Wearables


REDEFINING THE FUTURE OF DESIGN is a series of talks, panel discussions, documentary screenings and workshops as part of FUTURE FASHION LAB. Exhibiting innovations in the sustainable fashion and design field; showcasing high quality international sustainable brands like Freitag, Veja, and Re;code, exhibiting their work, design and production ethos.

FUTURE FASHION LAB is an attempt to challenge the culture of consumption that is at the heart of the global ecological crisis. It is an attempt to address the tension between the market’s demand for endless growth and the planet’s need for a break.  This weekend festival will share the possibilities, innovations and pioneers from the international sustainable fashion and design field.

This is a multi-tier project with clear strategies of EDUCATION, EXHIBITION and RETAIL. This is a fashion revolution, this is not just a trend, this is the FUTURE OF FASHION- NOW.


Through REPAIR, RESHAPE and REDESIGN of preloved garments for our clients, Fashion Clinic hopes to encourage the modern day consumer to take better care of their clothing. Fashion Clinic advocates CHOOSING WELL and BUYING SMART, to close the loop of the consumption cycle. In response to the global explosive accelerated growth in production and consumption of clothing, Fashion Clinic hopes to create a new system through providing service over products. Fashion Clinic aims to HEAL THE INDUSTRY- HEAL THE CLOSET- HEAL HEARTS

About Kay Wong

Kay Wong is a fashion designer and a zero-waste artist, she graduated from University of the Arts London in BA Printed Textile, and MA in Constructed Textiles at Royal College of Art.  She then founded Fashion Arts House, Daydream Nation from 2006 till 2016, and has received awards such as Vogue Italia’s ‘Vogue Talent 2010’; Hong Kong’s Ten Outstanding Designers Award 2009, 2011; Perspective/Cierre Italia’s ‘40 under 40’ Design Award, 2009; and White Milan’s ‘Womanswear Inside White Award’, 2008.  She recently launched a new concept and brand called Fashion Clinic,repairing, reshaping and redesigning preloved garments for customers.