Design Trust Seed Grant


Geographical space, or more specifically, space as territory or property, is of primary importance to the current global order, which is highly shaped and defined by colonialism and capitalism. Despite its importance, space is a much more complex concept that does not end with the notion of territory. From space-time, public space, mental space to cyberspace, space can refer to an assortment of things that range from “physical phenomenon, social practices and symbolic idea.”

Being the world’s most populated and developed metropolitan areas, Tokyo and Hong Kong shared a lot of challenges as faced by global cities nowadays, particularly on the issue of space. Out of this context, the applicant was invited by the Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS) in launching the curatorial project FASLE SPACES, a cross-cultural initiative in exploring the production of space as a form of critical probing.


About Yuk Yiu Ip

IP Yuk-Yiu is an experimental filmmaker, media artist, art educator and independent curator. His works, ranging from experimental films, live performances, media installations to video games, have been showcased extensively at major international venues and festivals, including European Media Art Festival, New York Film Festival (views from the avant-garde), the Image Festival, FILE Festival, VideoBrasil, Transmediale, NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] and WRO media art Bienniale. He is the founder of the art.ware project, an independent curatorial initiative focusing on the promotion of new media art in Hong Kong. IP has over fifteen years of curatorial experience in film, video and media art.  Currently he is Associate Professor at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong.  His recent works explore hybrid creative forms that are informed by cinema, video games and contemporary media art practices.