Design Trust Seed Grant

EVA: A Platform for Performative Creative Practices

Team for Ubiquitous Operation

EVA & HK: A Platform for Creative Performative Practices is an interdisciplinary project comprised of a series of interactive performances catering for the performing arts scene of Hong Kong & beyond. It presents emerging performers with an interactive platform to introduce them to the public. Reflecting on how cyber networks operate EVA & HK expands from private spaces to public realms. It invites the audience to engage in the making of performances. Through a digital interface, the project breaks the boundaries between professional performers and the city dwellers.

About Team for Ubiquitous Operation

This interdisciplinary collaboration is initiated to develop EVA & HK, as a cross-cultural investigation addressing, in different stages, local and international audience. Lin Tuo (architect/producer) uses spatial design to simulate performances in unconventional settings. Thourayya Kreidieh (architect/designer) focuses her research on the interdisciplinarity of spatial & multimedia practices. Lin Ying-chi (choreographer/ dancer) investigates interdisciplinary collaboration in performance. Fengyi Tan (fashion designer) creates garments through body movements and dance. This collective encourages public participation in performance arts culture and promotes creative exchange among art and design practitioners.

About Tuo Lin

Tuo Lin is an architect, media artist and producer. He graduated with distinctions from the Architectural Association and worked at Yung Ho Chang’s Atelier FCJZ. Now, he is the founder of the interdisciplinary studio, Team for Ubiquitous Operations (TUO), focusing on merging art installation and live performance as an exploration tool to tackle social and cultural topics. Collaborating with a diverse group of art and design professionals, he presented his works in UK, Spain and China, comprised of curating and designing a series of events such as performances, exhibitions, fashion shows, concerts and workshops.