2016 - 2017

Design Trust Feature Grant

Dim Sum Labs

Hacking, as Dim Sum Labs defines it, is the intellectual challenge to creatively overcome, circumvent, deconstruct or otherwise “hack” the limitations, capabilities, purposes, forms, etc. of virtually anything—or in other words: to mess around with [anything] for fun.

Dim Sum Labs aims to address the needs of one of these “lost” segments of Hong Kong society—the creatives, the rebels, the playful and different—by providing a persistent, physically secure space for them, their tools, their projects and their work. As such, they are part of a global hackerspace movement (nonprofit, community based) and not to be confused with for profit co-working spaces or startup incubators. Their venue is a place where people with a creative bent can congregate with other likeminded individuals in an environment that seeks to understand their needs and enables them to express their urge in a productive way.

Dim Sum Labs proposes to create a publication, “The User’s Guide to Hacking” ( working title). A handshake, if you will, to the larger community. The publication will facilitate several experiences:

  • Create awareness of the role and intentions of Dim Sum Labs, and the hackerspace community
  • Give inspiration to those interested, but not clear on how to include themselves
  • A portfolio of works by the Dim Sum Labs collective
  • The reframing of what it means to hack or to be a hacker

This project is headed up by Michelle Poon of Dim Sum Labs.