Design Trust Seed Grant

BE THERE – Design Festival


Bringing out and bringing together diverse communities through art and design with fun, memorable, creative, and impactful new experiences. Immersive and interactive graphic design activities constructing multi-sensory emotions. Creating and new perspective and an alternative attitude in visual arts. BE THERE Design Festival creates an exciting lineup of events and workshops to bring out and bring together diverse communities. The festival aims to simultaneously provide opportunities for creatives to showcase their ideas, discuss their discipline, interact with audiences, and to gain elevated perspectives of art and design.

From January 12-27 2019, dtby_ launched BE THERE, an exciting design show spaced followed by a week long small-scale interactive design lab/ experiment. An immersive multi-sensory experience through activations such as graphic design markets, photography group show, video roulette, illustration/ rendering display, and an interactive experimental music hub.

About dtby_

dtby_, a design collective founded by Ron Wan and Mildred Cheng. We want to bring out and connect art and design communities through fun, memorable, creative, and impactful new experiences. Ron Wan focuses on the creation of visual identities, branding solutions, immersive market materials, and a broad range of multifaceted graphic experiences. Mildred focuses on collaborations with teams, organizations, and businesses in developing strategies, design systems, and captivating creative programs.


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BE THERE - Design Festival by dtby_ (Ron Wan & Mildred Cheng). Photos by festival attendees and participating artists