Design Trust Seed Grant



02022020.SPACE combines the enthusiasm of humanity in connection to a once-in-alifetime event and the irreversible digitalised world where everything can be streamed. Our coming generation will be born into an environment where massive information in visual-time format can be accessed anytime, anywhere in both active and passive ways. We believe humans can adapt to any new environment eventually. But where are we heading?

We build this platform aiming to connect different artists, partners and their responses to this once-in-a-lifetime date, discovering its obscured absurdity in relation to our current world. We strive to emphasize the presence of audience, communicating to them through the essence of art and expanding the boundaries of community.

02-02-2020, received worldwide attention and has already been enthusiastically anticipated since previous decades. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get massive attention from the world and invite more new audience into our irresistible adventurous art world.

About 02022020.SPACE

The core team consists of artists and designers from Hong Kong with an innovative attitude towards exploring the possibilities of community, sharing interesting ideas and finding new audiences. Core members who receive global recognition for their works include composer and producer Lam Lai, artist and designer Tap Chan, artist Nadim Abbas, percussionist and thinker Heidi Law, percussionist Karen Yu, multimedia composer Steve Hui, composer Hui Tak-cheung and Chinese Opera group The Gong strikes One. They are concerned with how individuals can be presented in our current digitalised world and the relationship between individuals and the society in order to contribute more variety to our world.

This project has included a diverse variety of artworks and performances in relation to the hidden meanings of this once-in-a-lifetime event to our current world, public discussion aiming at building communication with the audience, and a platform for creating our international community.