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Design Trust launches new Design Trust Studio space

After eight years since the establishment of Design Trust, an initiative of Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, finally opens its first physical space, Design Trust Studio, to expand on community outreach, archive and showcase the visionary work of grantees, fellows and mentor-mentees projects in this 1500 sq. ft. multi-functional space. With gratitude this generous gift is made possible by leading individuals of our Board and Trustees.


Design Trust new studio space
Design Trust Futures Studio 2022: Documentary & Publication Launch

Design Trust Futures Studio 2022: Documentary & Publication Launch was held at Magnus Hall of Hong Kong Palace Museum in September 2022, with a special curator-led tour to the Scholars Commons at the museum where twelve sets of DTFS2022 zodiac project works are exhibited along with Project Twelve. Programme collaborators, mentors, mentees, advisors and Design Trust community joined this event to further this cross-cultural dialogue and exploration on cultural heritage for the future.


Design Trust Futures Studio 2022: “Heritage is Creative Generation” exhibited at Scholars Commons, Hong Kong Palace Museum
M+ / Design Trust Research Fellowship 2023 applications & looking back at Emily Verla Bovino’s talk

See our latest updates on the M+ / Design Trust Research Fellowship 2023 programme. Since 2015, the M+ / Design Trust Research Fellowship programme has supported original research projects investigating issues relating to design and architecture in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, and Asia through a transnational lens. Applicants of the fellowship should engage in advanced research on historical or contemporary topics related to either a single discipline or cross-disciplinary developments, contributing to international and cross-cultural knowledge networks.


M+ / Design Trust Research Fellowship 2023 applications.
Design Trust 2022 July Cycle Grant Recipients | October Cycle Call for Grants

Design Trust 2022 October Grant Application is now open. Since its establishment in 2014, Design Trust has been offering grant support to individual designers, curators, collectives as well as non-profit organisations. Share with us your ideas and proposals by 20th October 2022. We are also pleased to announce the Grant Recipients from the 2022 July grant cycle. The upcoming projects include research topics on community design, history of Hong Kong architecture and local culture.


Applications for the next grant cycle will close on 20th October 2022. Apply now!
Design Trust Grant Spotlight

Design Trust is pleased to share selected grant projects, including publication and exhibition in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. Highlights include ’’Take a Seat - Hong Kong Estate Centres Architecture as Public Amenity Exhibition” by Jeffrey Cheng, Kris Provoost and Don Hong, publication project Viscose Journal Issue 3 “ASIAS” by Jeppe Ugelvig and announcement on upcoming exhibition ‘Thank you, next: The heritage of disappearance in Hong Kong’s architecture’ by Natasza Minasiewicz.


Design Trust Seed Grant project ‘Take a Seat - Hong Kong Estate Centres Architecture as Public Amenity Exhibition’ by Jeffrey Cheng, Kris Provoost and Don Hong.
Design Trust Futures Studio Micro-parks Programme in Progress

We are also pleased to share that Design Trust Futures Studio micro-parks programme has been recently featured on CNN with a special interview, highlighting the transformation of Portland Street Rest Garden and Yi Pei Square Playground, as well as a sneak preview of Hamilton Street Rest Garden. The design team of Hamilton Street Rest Garden have been working hard to realise the design into physical public space in Hong Kong integrating local crafts and manufacturing culture.


Calming and soothing choices of colour on fencing at Hamilton Street Rest Garden | | +852 2739 6889

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