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最新資訊 2020 秋季通訊
“DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade” Prototype Exhibition Highlights and Programmes

“DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade” Prototype Exhibition opened on Monday 21 September 2020 at House Studio of Soho House Hong Kong for two weeks and since its formation this micro-initiative has involved over 132 designers from Hong Kong and the region to inspire collaboration amongst social distancing and the challenges of COVID-19.


This micro-initiative is conceptualised by Marisa Yiu (Co-Founder / Executive Director of Design Trust)
Announcement of our 2020 Design Trust Milestone Portfolio

Design Trust is proud to share that since 2014, our platform has supported over 125 grantees and fellows to date. 2020 has been a critical time to reflect, review, and respond. For months, our team has been putting together a publication that documents past achievements and our grantees’ impactful works.


Design Trust Milestone Portfolio will launch in November 2020
Design Trust 2020 July Cycle Grant Recipients | Design Trust Call for Grants

Design Trust 2020 October Grant Application is now open. Share with us your ideas and proposals by 20 October 2020. Design Trust offers grants to project proposals that are relevant to the context and content of Hong Kong and the region. Grant recipients from the July 2020 cycle include Ingrid Chu Pui Yee (Hong Kong), Chicky Ajoy Bhavnani and her team at MakerBay Foundation (Hong Kong), Yeung Kin Bong (Hong Kong), Ibiye Camp (Guangzhou & Buguma), Fong Wan Chi (Hong Kong).


Applications for next grant cycle will close on 20 October 2020.
2019 M+ / Design Trust Research Fellowship Public Talks

2019 M+ / Design Trust Research Fellows — Oliver Elser and Yasmin Tri Aryani — have presented the findings of their research in two online virtual public talks in September, 2020. Oliver Elser examined various notions of Brutalism in Hong Kong from the 1960s and 1970s to unveil the cultural implications of this global architectural movement. Yasmin Tri Aryani addressed the instrumentalisation of vernacular architecture in the postcolonial architectural discourse in Indonesia.


2019 M+ / Design Trust Research Fellows presented findings in virtual public talks. (Image courtesy of M+)
Recent Programme Highlights

Design Trust is grateful for the continued support we receive from the community and being able to share our vision with the industry and the public. We are pleased to share the media highlights and the extensive coverage from publications such as Tatler, SCMP, Art Asia Pacific, Ming Pao Weekly, Deezen, Lifestyle Asia, Ming Pao Daily, VOGUE Hong Kong, Esquire, Orange News, and Timetable, amongst other press media features.


Design Trust:Critically Homemade in the press
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