006 Rock-alike

Designed by: Julie Progin & Jesse Mc Lin (Julie & Jesse)

Design Trust Affiliation: Design Trust Futures Studio 2019 Mentees

Description: Rock-alike play set is a miniature re-interpretation of Julie & Jesse’s Terra Mobiles. The palm-sized whimsical porcelain sculptures are underpinned with the historical context of Tiger Balm Gardens with its elements of fantasy and expressions of classical Chinese garden landscape.

“Each rock is a spontaneous sculpture shaped from materials collected around our studio” explains Jesse. “Mixing recycled porcelain, waste yarn from Tai Ping’s production line, stale popcorn and popped rice we created a lightweight clay body mimicking the porous textures of scholar’s rocksadds Julie.

Rock-alike encourages the spirit of curiosity, creativity and participation offering children and adults alike opportunities of communal play. The set is a catalyst to build narratives - pieces can be snapped onto Lego® bricks and wheels, carted around to create rock gardens or pondered over to travel into worlds reminiscent of Chinese landscape paintings. With some in white and others enjoying vivid colours they can even become the stones to a game of Go. Whilst small in scale the rocks are large in possibilities.

Image Credit: Julie & Jesse

Website: https://www.juliejesse.com/