001 The Learning City

Designed by: James Shen (People’s Architecture Office)

Design Trust Affiliation: Design Trust Feature Grantee

Description: People’s Architecture Office envisions ‘The Learning City’ as a place of lifelong learning for all ages and among all levels of society. Curiosity, open ended exploration, collaboration, harmony and interaction with the natural world are its driving forces.

Schools are a prominent feature of The Learning City but are never self-contained, and blend into the buildings, districts and environments of the city, serving as a spine and synergist of collective knowledge. In fact, all  buildings in The Learning City are hybrid, connected structures. It is intentionally difficult to tell where a school starts, where an office building ends - where walls, lines and demarcations of libraries, squares and parks begin and end. Every place is a place to spark curiosity and learn through play anywhere, any time.

The Learning City's urban features include cascading retreats, connected runways, plentiful sports facilities, abundant natural environments, and self-built buildings. The society of The Learning City strengthens its resources, improves resilience, and establishes a strong knowledge economy with an open outlook to the world.

Image Credit: People’s Architecture Office

Website: http://www.peoples-architecture.com/pao/en