Leslie Lu

29. 6. 2016

Principal, Hong Kong Design Institute and Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Lee Wai Lee)

Mr. Leslie Lu received his Master of Architecture Degree from Yale University, and was the recipient of the Japan Ministry of Culture Monbusho Scholarship, where he conducted research in design and urban theory in Tokyo, Japan.

Mr. Lu, presently serves as the Principal of Hong Kong Design Institute & IVE (LWL) and the Academic Director of Design Discipline in VTC.  Prior to joining HKDI, he was the Head of the Department of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong;

 Mr. Lu was Visiting Professor at Yale University and Delft University of Technology. Mr. Lu lectured and served as design critic in major international universities including Columbia University, Delft University of Technology, Princeton University, Yale University, Shenzhen University, Tongji University, Tsinghua University and the Chinese University Hong Kong.