2015 - 2016

Design Trust Feature Grant

UN/FOLD: A Stitch in Time

Fabrick Lab Limited

UNFOLD: A Stitch In Times Saves Nine.  Says Elaine Yan Ling Ng, 'This project started after traveling to a few villages in Guizhou in 2013. By learning what these local women want, their needs and what they are capable of, this gave me the opportunity to create a sustainable workflow of these craft skills. I began my project with some physical material experimentation. I have been designing weave and process and working with the local.

This project is meant to create new opportunities to re-introduce a new way for low volume refined handmade production in Guizhou, south part of China. It is also a means to remodel the fast-disappearing Minority craft skills to re- engage with urban consumers. This is not just an attempt to spread the culture, heritage and craft for awareness, but also to establish a new sustainable economic model at the family level for these mountain villagers with skills.

The ultimate goal is to allow the individual villagers to become their own boss by through increasing their personal value, skills, strengthen their communication ability, to bridge the missing gap between their work productivity with what the urbaners wants and needs in order to raise their income and save the intangible cultural heritage'.