M+ / Design Trust Research Fellowship Grant

The Agency of traditional Architecture in Indonesia: Locating Indonesian Identity through the Course of Time

Yasmin Tri Aryani / M+, West Kowloon Cultural District

M+ and Design Trust are pleased to announce that Oliver Elser and Yasmin Tri Aryani are the recipients of the M+ / Design Trust Research Fellowship 2019. Elser will investigate Brutalist architecture in Hong Kong, and Aryani will study the appropriation of traditional architecture in Indonesia. These topics are in dialogue with the curatorial interests and activities of M+.

Now in its fifth year, the M+ / Design Trust Research Fellowship has expanded into two separate fellowships to address a broader geographic context. One fellowship supports a project focused on Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region, and another supports a project related to other parts of Asia through a transnational lens.

About Yasmin Tri Aryani

Yasmin Tri Aryani graduated with a MA degree in Design Curating and Writing at Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Aryani has contributed to various articles on interior design and architecture since 2012 with her research interest focused around the analysis and visualisation of government-funded buildings in multi-ethnic and postcolonial countries. Aryani’s project “Mapping the Way Home: The Role of Architecture in Constructing Contested Notions of Identity in Indonesia” was nominated for the Gijs Bakker award. Through the M+/ Design Trust research fellowship, Aryani aims to explore how indigenous architecture has been instrumentalised in representing national identity, in relation to ethnic majorities and minorities in the country.

About the Partnering Institution
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