Design Trust Seed Grant


SunSat Store

Mapgazine is the project to create a one-page seasonal publication dedicated to Peng Chau island. It blends together the map and the magazine to offer visitors and residents alike an accessible and attractive media to relate to the islanders’ culture.

Mapgazine will serve as a platform to let visitors know Peng Chau in more depth, such as hidden spots, less visited tracks and interesting places. The magazine part will also contain stories about and list down seasonal events happening on the Island. Bilingual, thematic and based on research, interviews and observations, Peng Chau’s Mapgazine also bridges a gap between a community of old residents and newcomers, by revealing the island’s own culture.

About SunSat Store

After 4 years living on Peng Chau, Kit has developed strong connections with the local community, starting with his direct neighbours. Discussions and exchanges of services have brought him to know more about the island’s ordinary yet fascinating history. As the owner of a touristy spot though, he can see the gap between visitors’ expectations and the island’s potential. He later shared his ideas with Myriem, an urbanist and writer based in Peng Chau, who is also interested in documenting the evolution of the island. Mapgazine emerged as an experimental proposed solution.

Mapgazine is produced by SunSat Store, Kit’s lifestyle store. Only open on Saturdays and Sundays, and within a 30min ferry-ride from Central, SunSat Store aims at showing the slow living possibilities to Hong Kong people. It also serves as a window to visitors who can rest and feel the neighbourhood spirit, while providing a platform for Islanders to sell their handmade products.