Design Trust Seed Grant


The current idea of Maker in Shenzhen is tied to technology. Meanwhile citizens are detached from engaging in the making of their common spaces. CommUnityMaker seeks to activate the society in community space making - enforcing the idea that everyone can participate in design and the cocreation of the spaces that surround us. Students in the Academy are encouraged to step outside of the normal bounds of academic works and engage, collaborate, and learn with the local/greater community. Notions of materials, craftsmanship, and authorship will be questioned through the reuse of both materials and the reinterpretation of spaces and places in our built realm. The Aformal Academy seeks to not just educate its participants, but to learn itself, on many levels, by providing an opportunity for interface between itself, its surroundings, its society for deeper knowledge.

By simply creating an open work space, with the necessary tools to cocreate objects with the community, our faculty, and our students; the idea is to highlight the reality that we all can and should act as designers that can shape our communities. This small initial community intellectual 'investment' further works to remind the intellectual community of ability